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Posted on Sep 18, 2017 by Sam Heer

What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

Your windows are more than just a static home hardware for your property. In addition to aesthetics, they also play a critical role in making your home more energy-efficient. If you want your next window to be a more energy-efficient one, then you should know what exactly makes a window energy-efficient.

What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois discusses this in detail.

The Glass

It might seem obvious, but it bears repeating: the actual glass component of your window is instrumental in making the rest of the window as energy-efficient as possible. The glass panel, after all, retains most of the heat and allows daylight to enter your home.

When we do window installation, we always bundle your new window with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ Glass. It’s the most energy-efficient glass option we offer, and it’s 70% more energy-efficient during summer and 49% more energy-efficient during winter. It also blocks 95% of harsh UV light, ensuring only harmless natural light enters your room.

Window Frame Material

Just like the glass, your new window’s framing plays a role in insulating your home. This is why all of our windows are made with Fibrex®, a composite material made of real wood fiber and PVC polymer. It’s twice as strong as vinyl and boasts better performance when exposed to extreme temperatures. It also is highly resistant to rotting, decaying, and mold.

Fibrex has superior thermal insulation compared to wood and vinyl. This allows our replacement windows to make sure your home stays warmer during winter and cooler during summer. Couple this with our excellent glass options, and you have high-performance and energy-efficient home hardware.

Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois offers energy-efficient windows. Give us a call at (866) 693-6707 for more information on our services. We offer professional window installation throughout Peoria and Champaign, IL.


"I would recommend RBA of Central Illinois for QUALITY windows and doors. Compared to our old cheap, thin vinyl windows, Andersen blows them away. You can easily tell by how well the sliding doors fit and close, and how heavy duty they are. We also cannot hear the wind rushing through the house in inclement weather anymore! And the black window frames we went with are amazing to look at. Aaron, Al, Darrell, and Cory all were professional and went all out to finish the job, given the weather they had to deal with. I would definitely recommend. They were also on top of communicating with me given the weather delays, and what I could expect for them coming out. Five stars!"

Eric L.

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