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Posted on Dec 11, 2018 by Sam Heer

What Can Cause Insulated Window Glass to Get Foggy?

Do you see fogging on the inside of your windows’ insulated glass panels? According to our window installation experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois, there are different things that can keep your windows from being crystal clear. Here are some of the most common fog-causing factors.

Damaged Glass Pane

Insulated glass can fog up when moisture gets through small gaps caused by cracks in the glass panels. Even hairline cracks can compromise the airtight seal that a closed window is supposed to provide. This is why experts suggest having damaged windows repaired or replaced to keep the home’s insulation from being compromised.

Poor Seal Around Glass

Moisture can still get past the window even if the glass panes are not damaged. For example, a substandard seal between the glass pane and the window frame can create gaps where drafts and moisture can seep through, causing condensation. To avoid this we suggest investing in our high-quality custom-made windows, which are perfectly sealed to suit your home’s needs.

Extreme Temperatures

Low-quality windows will eventually exhibit faulty insulated glass after a few years of being exposed to constant temperature changes. Over the years, the window components expand and contract, causing once-airtight gaps to eventually give way. Once these seals are breached, moisture starts getting past the windows and causing them to fog up from the inside.

Window Age

Even the most well-maintained and properly built windows are bound to lose their efficiency over time. Once a window is past its expected life span, the seals will start to weaken and become more prone to fogging up. While this is unavoidable, experts suggest getting longer-lasting options like our custom-made replacement windows to reduce the amount of necessary replacement over the years.

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Eric L.

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