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Posted on May 23, 2018 by Sam Heer

Two-Part Blog: The Benefits of an Energy-Efficient Window

Energy-efficient replacement windows are rightfully marketed to lower gas and electric costs and improve comfort. What many homeowners don’t realize, though, is that they provide a host of other benefits older units can’t offer. Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois explains more today:

Increased Daylighting

Old glazing techniques rely on tinting to block unwanted heat from the sun. While that has been effective in minimizing heat gain, it inevitably reflects undesirable visible light, too. On the other hand, our energy-efficient units are smart enough to filter out the sun’s heat-causing infrared rays while letting in plenty of sunshine. With virtually no effect on visible light’s color and clarity, our units allow generous indoor illumination and offer vibrant views.

Condensation Resistance

ENERGY STAR®-certified windows are less likely to fog up due to excessive humidity. Since modern homes are built to be airtight, they provide no escape route for warm, indoor air. With nowhere to go, the moisture would condense when it touches any surface with a temperature below the dew point. In turn, the water vapor would become droplets of liquid and obscure the view. Fortunately, our range of replacement units, from sliding to double hung windows, are all ENERGY STAR-certified.

Thanks to energy-efficient features, including Low-E coatings and an argon gas fill, our replacement windows have a warm glass temperature to prevent them from sweating. You can count on our high-quality units to deliver incredible condensation resistance.

Heightened UV Protection

Other than providing defense against unwelcome heat, our energy-efficient units also combat detrimental UV rays. By blocking most of these rays, your valuables, including carpets, artwork and furniture are less likely to fade.

Renewal by Andersen of Central Illinois can help you make the most of your replacement. We offer a beautiful selection of styles, like the bay window to complement your home’s design. Call us today at (866) 693-6707 to schedule a free consultation. We serve Bloomington, Champaign, Galesburg and nearby communities in Illinois. Check out the first part of this two-part blog to learn more about the different components that make a window energy-efficient.


"I would recommend RBA of Central Illinois for QUALITY windows and doors. Compared to our old cheap, thin vinyl windows, Andersen blows them away. You can easily tell by how well the sliding doors fit and close, and how heavy duty they are. We also cannot hear the wind rushing through the house in inclement weather anymore! And the black window frames we went with are amazing to look at. Aaron, Al, Darrell, and Cory all were professional and went all out to finish the job, given the weather they had to deal with. I would definitely recommend. They were also on top of communicating with me given the weather delays, and what I could expect for them coming out. Five stars!"

Eric L.

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