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Posted on Feb 20, 2018 by Sam Heer

Tips to Turn Windows into Fantastic Focal Points

The biggest dilemma of minimalist homes is the lack of a fascinating focal point. Any room without a single arresting feature can end up being characterless and boring. Fortunately, there’s one solution to lend some interest to your space while skimping on décor: windows.

Tips to Turn Windows into Fantastic Focal Points

Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois takes a look at the most effective ways to turn replacement windows into appealing design elements:

Go Big

Large windows are hard to miss. Occupying the entire wall with an individual, oversized unit, or grouping small panels together can do the trick. The expansive glass allows your room to bask in the sun and produces a sense of openness by seamlessly connecting with the outside world.

Frame Nature’s Best Angle

Attractive windows are multi-purpose ones. Even if they provide ventilation and catch sunlight, the aesthetic appeal of bow and bay windows might be diminished without any wonderful panorama to capture.

If you reside in a city with few natural wonders to capitalize on, shift your attention upstairs. No matter where you live, the view always looks better the higher you go.

Paint It Black

Using black as an eye-catching tool is a trick in any home designer’s book. Black creates an illusion of more architecture, which is an elegant solution for spaces without intricate interior details. Black windows can also blend in with any combination of colors. They can set off wood elements and lend energy to soft hues.

Play With Shapes

Experts say that casement and double-hung windows will be trending this 2018, but it won’t hurt to complement them with oddly shaped units. Crowning ordinary-looking windows with pentagonal or arch-top transoms can generate a dramatic effect.

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