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Posted on May 26, 2017 by Sam Heer

The Features and Benefits of Our Window Grille Styles

Window grilles are great for fine-tuning your windows’ style and make it more in line with your home’s architectural style. We do offer grille-less replacement windows, but you owe it to yourself to consider having grilles installed on your windows.

Benefits and Features of Window Grilles

Traditionally, windows consist of smaller pieces of glass installed on dividers called muntins. This made windows easier to build since smaller pieces of glass are cut and attached. This, however, proved to be a difficult manufacturing method for dual-pane windows, which is why today’s replacement windows have grilles installed on or into the glass panels.

This doesn’t compromise the window’s performance. In fact, it helps improve the window’s structural integrity and helps keep the sash in one piece. Aesthetically, it helps give your home a more authentic look, especially if your home is designed after a particular architectural style. The following are the grille options that we offer:

Grille Styles

  1. Colonial – You can usually find Colonial grilles on traditional double hung windows, with its distinctive six-over-six panes, i.e. six frames on each sash. This grille style is named after the window style seen on Colonial-style homes.

  2. Prairie – Prairie grilles are based on the windows installed on homes designed after its namesake architecture. It’s a nine-pane design with an oversized central pane, with the other eight “framing” the center panel. This works perfectly on casement windows, or on the center panel of a bay window.

  3. Modified Prairie – We took the original Prairie grille design and made it a “partial Prairie”, ideal for double hung windows. As with Colonial grilles, it has six-over-six panels, but the outer panes are slimmer, framing the bottom center panel on the top sash and the top center panel on the bottom sash. When closed, the window reveals full Prairie-style grilles.

  4. Farmhouse – Farmhouse-style grilles are great for casement windows, sliding windows, and other window styles with large glass areas. A row of several vertical panels line the top side of the window. This gives the windows a nice, homely accent without compromising a nice view.

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