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Posted on Jan 06, 2020 by Sam Heer

Are Building Permits Required When Replacing Your Windows?

When homeowners are planning to have their windows replaced, they often wonder to themselves if they need to obtain a building permit before the job begins. The answer to this question is yes, a building permit is required if you’re having the windows completely replaced, such as making the switch from casement to double-hung windows. However, if you’re merely swapping out parts such as the sashes, then a permit isn’t really required. But why exactly do you need a permit just to install new windows in your home?


Obtaining a permit for your window replacement project allows your local building department to oversee the job. One of the main reasons this is required is for protection, as the building code requires most windows to have tempered glass. That way, it’ll shatter instead of breaking into shards that can cause injuries to your home’s occupants.

Apart from that, permits also allow the building department to check if your replacement windows meet the egress requirements for height and width. That way, you and your family will be able to escape your home in the event of an emergency while rescue personnel will be able to come in and out through the windows if needed.

Planning Review

Depending on where you live, the city may also do a planning review of your window replacements. The reason for this is so they can check if the style is appropriate for your home so you can maintain not only its aesthetic appeal but the entire neighborhood’s as well.

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Eric L.

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