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Posted on Apr 15, 2019 by Sam Heer

6 Ways to Determine You’re Getting a Good Window

When it comes to choosing your replacement windows, it’s understandable that you want nothing but the best for your home. After all, windows are a significant investment that can help you increase both your curb appeal and energy efficiency, both of which are important if you plan on selling in the future. If you’re not good at telling if a window is of good quality from a technical standpoint, that’s all right because there are also various ways to do so in a non-technical way.

6 Ways to Determine You’re Getting a Good Window

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois discusses the six simple ways you can tell you’re getting a good window.

  1. Appearance – One way is to check its appearance. Try to visualize the windows in your home and the window you’re currently looking at and compare them. If the window in question blends well with the interior and exterior of your home and the joints are well-made, it’s of better quality than most windows on the market.

  1. Operation – When you’re out shopping for your new windows, try the ones on display. Check if they open and close smoothly. You can also look at the cranks, runners and locking devices to see if they’ll withstand heavy use. These are all tell-tale signs of a quality window.

  1. Cleaning – If you’re worried about how you can clean the new window, check if you can easily reach both interior and exterior glasses by removing or rotating the sashes.

  1. Glass Selection – Your window’s glass play a big role in energy efficiency. While energy-efficient, double-pane glass are the current standard, you can always pay a little extra for two more features that make a high-quality window even better: low-E coating and argon gas between the panes. These two can help your energy-efficiency regardless of the climate so a window with these features is bound to be of top-notch quality.

  1. Service – Another way you can tell a window is of good quality is by checking if the parts are available in the event of breakage or wearing out. This favors a window company with a long track record since it’s a guarantee they can serve you well in the future.

  1. Warranties – Check the warranties for parts and finishes of your replacement windows. When it comes to glass replacement, meanwhile, look for a warranty that covers glass replacement up to 20 years. This type of warranty is a sign that the window company has high confidence in the window’s quality.

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"I would recommend RBA of Central Illinois for QUALITY windows and doors. Compared to our old cheap, thin vinyl windows, Andersen blows them away. You can easily tell by how well the sliding doors fit and close, and how heavy duty they are. We also cannot hear the wind rushing through the house in inclement weather anymore! And the black window frames we went with are amazing to look at. Aaron, Al, Darrell, and Cory all were professional and went all out to finish the job, given the weather they had to deal with. I would definitely recommend. They were also on top of communicating with me given the weather delays, and what I could expect for them coming out. Five stars!"

Eric L.

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