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Posted on Dec 20, 2019 by Sam Heer

4 Ways You Can Harness Your Windows For Daylighting

For those who are unaware, daylighting is a design concept that leverages the sunlight to enhance your home’s indoor lighting through direct, diffused and reflected lighting approaches. By applying effective daylighting, you can create a more stimulating environment and significantly reduce your energy costs. One of the best ways you can apply daylighting is by harnessing your windows for natural light.

In this article, the pros of Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois lists four ways you can harness your windows for effective daylighting.

1. Use Shading Devices – Exterior shading devices can provide effective shading for your windows depending on the sun’s current altitude. If the sun’s altitude is high, horizontal shades can provide effective shading on the south facade while vertical shades can suit you well if the sun is low. Regardless of what you choose, shading devices are good ways to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters your home for effective daylighting.

2. Locate Windows to a Side Wall if Possible – You can place a window adjacent to the returning wall so the deeper spaces of your home can receive light thanks to the additional light reflection. However, keep in mind to avoid placing the windows next to a single wall so your window can provide better light distribution.

3. Place Windows Higher – If you’re installing replacement windows in your home, use window shapes that places a high percentage of its glazing above the wall’s mid-point. This is because windows that have a higher head height can project light deeper into the room and undesirable direct light penetration is prevented immediately due to the light in this location being automatically shaded.

4. Use Skylights – Apart from your usual windows, skylights are also good methods of providing daylighting. Apart from that, they also make good substitutes for light fixtures and they provide greater illumination on horizontal surfaces compared to skylights. By using skylights for daylighting, the walls are freer and the light distribution is more uniform as light is admitted from above.

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