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Posted on Jul 27, 2018 by Sam Heer

What Storm Doors Can Do for Your Home

Most people think their wooden doors are durable already, so they’re of the opinion that a storm door is simply a waste of money. Storm doors, however, not only secure your home from the harshest weather conditions. They can also provide added security against break-ins and improve energy efficiency, among other advantages.

Renewal by Andersen® storm doors provide an excellent touch to your entry door and window. Still have doubts about it? Continue reading to learn some of its benefits.

Protect Your Exterior Door

Entry doors are expensive investments. By installing storm doors, you can keep them protected at all times. For many, exterior doors have special paints or textures that can benefit from additional security against unwanted debris and elements, allowing them to last longer and reducing maintenance costs.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Even if your home has an energy-efficient exterior door, storm doors offer an added layer of protection by putting a barrier between heat or cold and you. This is done by producing an air lock between your main door and your home’s outside edge. As a result, this will keep air and heat in your home, preventing your heating and cooling systems from working too hard, improving energy efficiency and saving costs.

Create Added Security From Possible Break-Ins

Apart from protection against debris and other elements, a storm door offers an additional layer of security from possible break-ins. We can also help with the installation to ensure maximum protection. Our storm doors are designed to protect your interior and come with a myriad of options and styles to fit your needs.

Renewal by Andersen of Central Illinois takes the hassle out of the installation of your storm doors. With a trusted contractor like us, you can always make sure that your entry, storm or patio doors are properly functioning. We proudly serve the area of Champaign, Peoria and Bloomington, IL. Call us at (866) 693-6707 so we can discuss our products and our installation process.