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Posted on Dec 24, 2018 by Sam Heer

Storm Doors: Protecting Your Home

Entry doors and patio doors are designed to keep your home safe from the harsh elements while also serving as the main portals to your home. However, even these tough home components are vulnerable to certain factors. This is where Andersen® storm doors come in handy.

Storm Doors Protecting Your Home


What Are Storm Doors?

Storm doors are a type of secondary doors that are installed over existing entry or patio doors. They are made of durable material such as Fibrex® (a mixture of organic cellulose and durable polymers), giving them exceptional durability, capable of withstanding strong winds and impact damage. Instead of fragile glass panels, storm doors usually have wire mesh or other mesh-like panels that are not likely to break upon impact.

Shields for Your Shields

The main purpose of storm doors is to minimize the amount of storm damage that can happen to your patio or entry doors. The storm doors bear the brunt of the wear and tear caused by harsh weather. Aside from being more resistant to weather damage, a storm door also costs less, and requires less maintenance than a regular door, making it both durable and expendable at the same time.

Form and Function

Storm doors are mainly installed for functional purposes, but that doesn’t mean that they do not have any cosmetic value. In fact, a storm door can enhance a home’s appearance by adding an extra layer of detail to its façade, increasing the home’s curb appeal and overall value.

Proper Installation for Maximum Performance

An Andersen storm door works best if installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. That means if you want it to be at its best, it has to be installed by an authorized personnel. We are the only team of door experts qualified to install Andersen storm doorsin a way that will ensure 100% performance.

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