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Posted on Dec 09, 2019 by Sam Heer

5 Things You Need to Know When Changing Your Door’s Locks

Your home’s security is oftentimes dependent on its entry doors and what helps your door keep your home safe are its locks. Eventually, you may feel the need to change your door’s old locks in order to increase your safety and privacy.

Here, Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois lists the five things you need to know when changing your door locks, beginning with:

Replacing vs. Rekeying – It might surprise you to know that changing the locks on your door gives you two options: replacement or rekeying. Replacing the door locks is the most effective method of ensuring your security as it removes the existing lock from the door to install a new one. Rekeying, meanwhile, is popular in apartment complexes and involves realigning the door’s pins and springs so the lock matches a new key. Regardless of what you choose, both methods will ensure that your old keys can no longer open the lock.

Replace if Locks are Damaged – If your home’s locks are damaged or worn out, make sure to replace the old lock as rekeying will no longer solve the issue. Failing to do so can result in a stuck key or a lock that’s difficult to turn.

Choose Better Locks – When choosing a lock for your entry or storm door, make sure to pick one that has quality and extremely secure. In fact, modern door locks have cutting-edge technology that can improve your home’s security while simplifying it at the same time. If you desire, consider obtaining a high-tech lock that has a keypad and code which can be changed any time if needed.

Rekey When You Move – On the other hand, if you’re moving houses, make sure to have the lock rekeyed. This is because if you had some work done in the home prior, inspectors, subcontractors and real estate agents will have keys to access to your home. Due to this most real estate agents require selling homeowners to have the locks rekeyed before they can close the sale.

Change Locks if Your Keys Were Lost or Stolen – The moment you realize your house keys are missing, have the locks changed immediately so no one can gain access to your home. In these situations, experts recommend that you rekey the lock if you have multiple copies of the original key. However, if you have just one key, you’ll need to replace the entire lock as the rekeying process requires an original key.

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