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Posted on Dec 03, 2015 by Sam Heer

Renewal by Andersen®: Solutions for Sustainable Development

For many years, Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois, along with our parent company the Andersen Corporation, has been committed to creating a healthier environment. We have five solutions in facing the different environmental challenges we have today.

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Renewing Existing Housing

To date, Renewal by Andersen has replaced over two million windows in Peoria, IL, and various states in the country. This is a significant accomplishment when it comes to fulfilling energy goals because an average home uses more energy than a car.

With our windows, we help homeowners lower their annual energy consumption, which leads to more savings. Our products also improve home comfort and indoor air quality.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Through our efforts to provide homes with cleaner air, the Andersen Corporation and Renewal by Andersen are the only window companies to receive the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Indoor Advantage Gold™ certification. This means that we have met the strict indoor air emission standard in the US.

We focus on indoor air quality because it is one of the top five health hazards in America. Different house products release toxins indoors through evaporation; this can continue even after years from installation. We provide homeowners with responsibly manufactured products for a fresher indoor environment and more energy savings.

Using Energy Smartly

The US Department of Energy estimates that windows can account for up to 40% of annual energy costs. With options from Renewal by Andersen, we help homeowners save as much as 25% on heating and cooling bills. This is possible through environmentally friendly materials.

Using Materials Wisely

Our replacement windows in Peoria, IL, and the nearby areas are made of durable Fibrex® and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. Fibrex is twice as strong as vinyl and has the insulating value of wood. This material contains 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight, which is why we have the highest SCS certification in terms of recycled window content.

Our glass option, on the other hand, has a minimum of 12% reclaimed glass by weight. It has a special coating that reduces water spots, blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, and cuts down noise pollution. Together, these materials make up for an energy-efficient and long-lasting window.

Improving Product Life Cycles

We manufacture our windows for long-lasting performance. Since our windows do not need frequent replacement, we do not contribute to landfill waste. We back this long life cycle with industry-leading warranties, ensuring years of comfort and peace of mind.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship has grown from one generation to the next. If you want to take the proactive step in creating a healthier environment, consider our windows today. You can schedule a free consultation by calling us at (866) 693-6707.


"I would recommend RBA of Central Illinois for QUALITY windows and doors. Compared to our old cheap, thin vinyl windows, Andersen blows them away. You can easily tell by how well the sliding doors fit and close, and how heavy duty they are. We also cannot hear the wind rushing through the house in inclement weather anymore! And the black window frames we went with are amazing to look at. Aaron, Al, Darrell, and Cory all were professional and went all out to finish the job, given the weather they had to deal with. I would definitely recommend. They were also on top of communicating with me given the weather delays, and what I could expect for them coming out. Five stars!"

Eric L.

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