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Posted on Jun 28, 2016 by Sam Heer

Renewal by Andersen®: Our 5 Environmental Solutions

Andersen Corporation’s legacy of sustainable craftsmanship began over a century ago. To this day, the company has been a pioneer in different innovative and environmentally friendly services. Andersen was the first window and door manufacturer that produced Green Seal™ certified products. ENERGY STAR® also recognizes the superior energy efficiency of their windows and doors.

As a subsidiary of Andersen Corporation, Renewal by Andersen® of Central Illinois stands by their sustainable principles. Our doors and replacement windows in Decatur, IL, have the answers to the different environmental issues we face today. Here are our solutions:

  1. Renewing Existing Housing – According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average home uses more energy and emits more carbon than the average automobile. Through our sustainable, energy-efficient windows and doors, we are able to improve the property value, neighborhood livability, and longevity of many homes.
  1. Improving Indoor Air Quality – Did you know that poor indoor air quality is among the top five health hazards in America? We help solve this problem by installing doors and windows in Springfield, IL, that promote proper air circulation and reduce air toxins.
  1. Smart Use of Materials – For our window frames, we use our patented Fibrex® composite material. Manufactured from 40% reclaimed wood fiber, it can be reground and reused for new windows. For our door and window glass, we use our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass that helps keep your home comfortable and protected from UV rays.
  1. Smart Use of Energy – Aside from Fibrex being a great insulator, our energy-efficient glass package can help you save up to 25% on your energy bills. Our doors and replacement windows in Springfield, IL, are 45% and 56% more energy-efficient during winter and summer, respectively.
  1. Long Product Life Cycles – In the US, construction debris is a major source of landfill waste. Choosing to install our products can help limit landfill waste since they are long lasting and highly recyclable.

Create a greener and more sustainable home for your family by replacing your inefficient doors and windows. With Renewal by Andersen of Central Illinois, you’ll enjoy a safer and more comfortable living environment. To learn more about our windows and doors, call us at (866) 693-6707 or fill out our contact form today.


"I would recommend RBA of Central Illinois for QUALITY windows and doors. Compared to our old cheap, thin vinyl windows, Andersen blows them away. You can easily tell by how well the sliding doors fit and close, and how heavy duty they are. We also cannot hear the wind rushing through the house in inclement weather anymore! And the black window frames we went with are amazing to look at. Aaron, Al, Darrell, and Cory all were professional and went all out to finish the job, given the weather they had to deal with. I would definitely recommend. They were also on top of communicating with me given the weather delays, and what I could expect for them coming out. Five stars!"

Eric L.

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