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Posted on May 27, 2015 by Sam Heer

Part 3: Double Hungs, Casements, and Sliding Windows: How are they different? – Sliding Windows

In the third and final part of our blog series on window types and window operation, we will be discussing sliding windows. You’ve seen how double hung and casement windows stack up so, now, the spotlight is on sliding windows.

Letting It Slide with Gliding Windows

Sliding and gliding windows are basically the same. They get their name from how they are used, sliding or gliding open and shut. Because of how they look though, sliding windows are mostly found in more modern-styled homes. These windows are no-nonsense, made with clean lines and generous glass areas. Due to the amount of glass that a sliding window can offer, it is not unusual that it can also offer excellent views.

Depending on its design, a sliding window can have both of its sashes operable. It’s less common now for just one sash to be in operation but the design still exists so don’t hesitate to ask your local contractor for single sliding windows if that’s what you need.

Why Choose It?

  • Out of the three window types discussed in this blog series, a sliding window is the easiest to operate because it requires the least effort to do so. Simply unlock the window and slide a sash. Tracks and rollers on the window facilitate movement, making opening or closing a sliding window so easy that it’s not far-fetched to say you can do it with one finger. Double hungs and casements, on the other hand, will require pushing with detectable force.
  • Thanks to its sleek design, a sliding window is an excellent choice for homes with space constraints. It doesn’t open outward like a casement window so it doesn’t need space for clearance outside.
  • Got an insect problem? A sliding window can also be easily fitted with insect screens to protect you and your home.

All windows have benefits, many of which are guided by how a window is operated. Double hungs, casements, and sliding windows all have something to offer you, but consider which mode of operation will be most convenient for you as ease of use will greatly affect your experience of a window. Should you require more information about these window types, don’t hesitate to talk to your local window contractor.